LTCI 3: How to balance skepticism with love

What if you don’t trust their judgement?

Hello, my name’s Emily and I’m a Skeptic.

If this sounds like a therapy group meeting, you’ll soon understand why.

But first, take a moment. Could this ‘greeting’ be applied to you?

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LTCI #2: Am I my family’s keeper?

Am I always supposed to know the answer?

How’s your mum? How’s your sister?’

These are questions I get a lot. They’re great questions. They mean people are thinking about my sick family members, and it shows that the people around me understand that their illnesses are a rather large part of my life.

Most of the time I appreciate the time taken to ask a question like this, and the implied preparedness of the asker to listen to a ‘deep’ response.

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A letter to the parents who are chronically ill (You are not a failure)

“You are not your illness.”

My mum has a chronic illness. She’s been sick for as long as I can remember. Mum, this letter is for you.

Dear Parent with a chronic illness,

You don’t have to say it aloud. I’ve read it in your sighs, your looks, your actions.

The confession. The apology.

My sickness has damaged the happiness of my child.

I, who brought them into the world, who had all these plans, these hopes – have been able to do one percent of all I dreamed.

I wasn’t the one to bake with them, to take them to the beach, to bushwalk, to laugh – someone else did these things, and sometimes, no one did them.

Am I a failure?

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2017 taught me that my timing is not always right (and that’s ok!)

Am I okay with the fact that I can’t live the life I want?

They say you never stop learning. Though sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what you’re learning while you’re learning it!

Often I come away from a season in my life with the sense that I’ve just learned something: that my character has been shaped, that my knowledge has grown… but am unable to put into words exactly what.

That’s why I Iove reflection. Over the last few months there’s been an increasing pressure on my soul because I learnt something in 2017 that is important, and I don’t want it to dissipate as the calendar flips over. Instead I want to cradle this truth close  as I march out into 2018. So here’s my attempt to put it down in letters on a white screen, so that the lesson might be worth the learning.

2017 taught me that my timing is not always right

2017 was full of projects…

[Read more here – this post is published in its entirety on my personal blog, but I felt it was helpful for us over here too!]

//What about you? What did 2017 teach your heart?

Chronic Illness won’t let me celebrate the New Year 2018

We all like fresh starts, new years and clean slates. But with chronic illness these are often not possible. How then, can we celebrate the New Year?

As the old year ends and the New Year begins, society gears up to welcome in a new period of life. Parties and fireworks are often external signs of our joy and anticipation of a fresh start.

Many of us begin to make New Years resolutions… but the problem is these simply may not be applicable for you or your loved one suffering from a chronic illness.

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Twenty-Seventeen – your favourite posts

Truth, Hate and Tears, that was our year, apparently..

Only a few days left of twenty-seventeen! I hope you all had a lovely, rest-filled, Hope-filled Christmas. For those of you who didn’t, I pray you were able to cling onto the hope that one day Christmas will conquer chronic illness.

It’s time for some stats! Out of the 54 posts published this year, let me share which ones you liked the most, and then I have a huge favour to ask you…

(These do not include the introductory – But what is Watching? and the About MeAbout Me pages, both of which were very popular.)

So, without further ado –

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Traveling, chronic illness and character preparation

A few weeks away changes someone.. and not always for the better.

As we progress further into December, many of us are preparing to go on holidays.

If you share a life with someone who struggles from a chronic illness, travelling can be difficult, exhausting and even terrifying.

Recently I went away, and beforehand I did some preparation. Not the ‘buy insurance’, ‘print your papers’, ‘get the correct address’ sort of preparation, which unfortunately I was rather sadly lacking in (thank you Long-Suffering Friend!) – but character preparation.

What’s that, you ask?

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