Prayer, Chronic Illness and Healing (Part 2)

Sometimes even Jesus wasn’t answered when He prayed…


The Bible has some pretty in-your-face things to say about prayer and healing. Jesus, as He walked on this earth prayed some big prayers.

But where do these truths fit in my life when my loved ones are not healed however much I pray?

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Why praying for healing is tricky (dealing with ‘troublesome’ Bible passages)

I used to hate passages like these with a hot, furious passion..

Updated December 2017

As I’ve wrestled with the concept of prayer and the reality of chronic illness in my life, I’ve discovered a Big Tricky Question.

I can’t ignore it any longer.

I’ve written about prayer in Why we need to make up our minds about prayer and Why we should pray for healing from chronic illness.

But the Big Tricky Question keeps niggling at me. It’s this:

Not everyone who prays is healed. So what do we do (as Christians and/or as Watchers) with the parts of the Bible that promise immediate healing?

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