Sickness and Jesus’ response

We can talk on and on about how we ought to respond to our chronically sick Loved Ones. We can outline what the Right Thing to do is, or make lists of What Not To Do. But in the end, if we claim Jesus as our Saviour and role model, the only thing that really matters is how He responded.

Like father, like son.

Like Saviour, like saved.

Being a Christian is copying Jesus.

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Can Jesus really sympathise?

“Jesus knows what you’re going through.”

The Bible tells us that Jesus as a High Priest can sympathise with all of our sufferings. That He knows what it is to be human.

I have often rebelled against that. Was Mary sick with an incurable disease? Was Joseph? Did one of Jesus’ brothers or sisters suffer from epilepsy or depression or MS? If not, then how can He possibly know what it’s like to be a Watcher? How can He possibly sympathise with me?



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How do we pray for people who are sick?

This is the 4th post in a series on prayer. Post 1 dealt with the fact that we all like the idea of prayer, and yet are somewhat ashamed about putting it into practice. Post 2 examined the fact that prayer is important and non-negotiable because it’s about God and not ourselves, yet practically it is going to be difficult. Post 3 had a closer look at how we respond as Watcher to ‘troublesome’ passages in the Bible about healing.

It’s time to answer the question: what should we pray?


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