How to write about Chronic Illness (Watchers, we are not Biographers)

Have you ever had the urge to make order out of chaos?

Are you ever tempted to sit down and try and order the pieces of your life? As you love and care for your sick Loved Ones, do you ever wish you could straighten your hardships out into a coherent narrative, one with a tidy moral and neat conclusion? Do you feel that if only you had a polished version of your life, it would be a enough to redeem your suffering, because then it would have a purpose?

In short, do you ever neglect your role as a Watcher in order to become ‘Biographer’?

This is what it looks like:

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Christmas & Chronic Illness… friends or enemies?

One day Christmas will destroy Chronic illness, but in the meantime we need to survive it..

Chronic illness or Christmas? Which would you prefer?

I know which one I’d choose. But too often we don’t have a choice – and this is very evident during the holiday season.

Over Christmas we often spend more time with family, and for many of us, that means spending more time with Chronic Illness.

Chronic Illness doesn’t go on holidays over Christmas…

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Chronic illness is affecting my relationship… and I can’t help it.

Relationships with our chronically ill partners, friends or family members can be difficult. It’s important that we admit this, and carry on. But what does ‘carry on’ look like?


I’ve been wanting to give something to followers of this blog for a while, and I’ve been struggling with what is appropriate.

We all know that “Get Well Soon” cards are difficult to buy when the person you love has a chronic illness – so I’ve made some alternatives.

When you add your email address here, I will send them to you! May they help you love others 🙂 

Chronic illness relationships are hard – so what do we do?

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3 questions to ask when chronic illness threatens your relationship (and the only one that matters)

Chronic illness can place stress on a relationship – but so can one simple question…

My chronically ill spouse, friend, family member hates me.

… and I’m beginning to suspect I hate them back.

These are big words. Painful, awful words. But so is being hurt by someone you love. ‘Dislike’ just doesn’t do it justice.

When we’ve invested a lot of time and emotional energy into a difficult relationship, it can be devastating when it crumples. This is especially true when our partner or friend is battling a chronic illness.

If our ill family member yells at us or threatens to leave, it can also be shameful. Fighting with your hospitalised grandmother, complaining about your chronically ill brother… it just seems wrong.

But it happens. So what do you do?

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Why we need to tell our chronically ill friend the truth (even if it hurts)

‘I fight every day with my chronically ill friend.’ – is that ever okay to admit?

Have you ever been hurt by someone? I have.

When it happens there are two things I want to do. I want to tell them they were in the wrong… and I want to tell someone else what occurred.

But what happens when it’s my chronically ill family member or friend who has hurt me?

Am I allowed to rebuke them?

And is it right to tell other people?
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I think I hate my chronically ill family member

Chronic illness always affects relationships… but is it wrong to hate a sick person?

I hate my chronically ill family member

Have you ever thought the above sentence? Maybe not in those words. Substitute ‘hate’ for one of these:


Frustrated at

Disapprove of

Am annoyed at

Would like to strangle

Does the sentence ring true for you now? Has it ever? If so, this post is for you.

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What to do when someone you love has a chronic illness and you are too young

Sometimes your age can make loving someone challenging…

When someone we love receives a chronic illness diagnosis, it is easy to feel helpless.

This is magnified when you are “young”. After all, you can’t offer lifts to doctors’ appointments and you can’t be there all the time, because you have to go to school.

Perhaps your offers to help aren’t taken seriously, or people overlook you in the mad rush to help your sick family member.

What do you do when you are too young to love?…

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