We cannot be everything (We are Watchers, not…Master List)

We know what we are, but what are we NOT?

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This is a blog about ‘Watching‘. That is, loving suffering people while not suffering yourself.

But what does that look like? It can (and does!) look like many things, but sometimes it’s helpful to look at what we are not.

Watchers, we are not…


We just want them cured – is that so wrong?


If only we could decipher the ‘meaning’ behind their suffering!


Of course we’re fine, after all, we’ve got this!


What if I’m not explaining my Loved One properly to others?


Can you ever be an expert in suffering?

//There are plenty more posts in this series yet to be published, but are there any you’d like to see? Fellow Watchers, what are you NOT?

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Author: Emily J. M.

Hi, I'm Emily. Two of my closest family members struggle with chronic illness, and I watch them. That's hard, and so I write about life as a 'Watcher', what it looks like to support them and find Hope.

3 thoughts on “We cannot be everything (We are Watchers, not…Master List)”

  1. Thanks for this very important reminder Emily, especially as some in my family are struggling through various conditions. I, like many I assume, want to “fix” things, to “make things right.” But that is not our job. We are not God.


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