A letter to the parents who are chronically ill (You are not a failure)

“You are not your illness.”

Dear Parent with a chronic illness,

You don’t have to say it aloud. I’ve read it in your sighs, your looks, your actions.

The confession.

The apology.

My sickness has damaged the happiness of my child.

I, who brought them into the world, who had all these plans, these hopes – have been able to do one percent of all I dreamed.

I wasn’t the one to bake with them, to take them to the beach, to bushwalk, to laugh – someone else did these things, and sometimes, no one did them.

m I a failure?
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Chronic Illness, Marriage & Parenting (Pinterest)

There are many topics which fall under the chronic illness umbrella which I am simply not qualified to write about – or others can write about better.
One of these is what chronic illness looks like within a marriage and/or while parenting.

I’ve spent the past year collating resources on the Called to Watch Pinterest account which I thought may be helpful for myself and others. It’s time to do a few reviews so you know what’s there!


Pinterest review: Chronic illness, marriage and relationships

(Includes 65+ pins to articles on the topic!)
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