What I’ve been reading about Chronic Illness & Life January 2018 (and what you’ve read too!)

Practical tips and personal reminders – I’ve found a few of them this month!

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There is So. Much. Stuff on the internet! How do you know what’s worth a read? Recommendations of course – here’s 5 articles I’ve appreciated this past month and what I’ve learnt from them:

What I’ve been reading January 2018

1. Do you look for the helpers?

It’s easy for big hardships to overshadow all of life. And yet God works through tiny details too – and so it’s important to keep our eyes open for them! This reminded me to:

  • Take time to name the good things that are happening
  • Use them as praise ‘points’ to ‘point’ me to God!


2. When You’ve Had Enough – tips for when you’ve had enough

‘Be strong’ they say – but is that always possible? We were not made to be invincible or unbreakable. That’s why we have God, so let’s practice depending on Him. This reminded me to:

  • Accept my limitations with humility
  • Act on my limitations: rest when I need to & cling to Jesus


3. Four creative ways to be generous

Often we feel the pressure of pride: it has to be ME who meets their need. And yet, we are called to be just as dependent on God in generosity as we are in times of need. This reminded me that:

  • We can be generous through the way we work at our day job
  • We can be generous by taking initiative


4. Rethinking emotions, food and restriction

A fascinating look at the relationship between food and emotions, and how often we are quick to judge ‘emotional eating’. This reminded me that:

  • It’s easy to be judgemental, either of ourselves or others
  • We don’t always know the whole story, so why not extend time and grace?


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5. Two emotional responses that hurt our physical bodies

Whether you have a chronic illness, Watch someone with a chronic illness, or are simply feeling a bit down at the moment, the way we react is important. This reminded me that:

  • Disclosing ‘how you feel’ to someone close to you is important in order to get an honest view of the situation
  • Telling your pain to God and preaching the Truth to yourself is a non-negotiable


6. My daughter has Chronic Fatigue (Helen’s story)

The most popular post this month on Called to Watch has been Helen’s story of life with a daughter with chronic fatigue. It reminded me that:

  • There is hope even in the midst of hardship
  • It is important to acknowledge someone else’s grief and pain, even if you don’t know what to say!


// What about you? What have you been reading lately? Which was your favourite post from my blog?

Author: Emily J. M.

Hi, I'm Emily. Two of my closest family members struggle with chronic illness, and I watch them. That's hard, and so I write about life as a 'Watcher', what it looks like to support them and find Hope.

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